Book Adventures

Mikael Agricola, Ne prophetat, 1552
Ex libris: Gösta Stenman & Pro Finlandia

tis 1.3. - fre 7.10.2016
09:00 - 17:00

All who are interested in history of books

Unioninkatu 36, 00014 Helsinki University

The exhibition tells of breathtaking book adventures that are interwoven with the history of the National Library of Finland beginning in 1640. Weaving their way among science, art, and books aimed at the general public, the books’ stories continue in tablets, mobile devices, and online. The narrative begins with the Tuku Academy library’s early basic works and doctoral dissertations whose fate was to be destroyed in the Great Turku Fire of 1827. Only a few works were spared, but replacement copies were obtained through many owners and donors. The books’ adventures continue, now in digitized cyberspace.

Planning: h.c. Rainer Knapas, architect Marjaana Kinnermä, Cultural Coordinator Inkeri Pitkäranta