Supporting Sámi languages in digital services -abstract received LIBER award for Library Innovation

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The LIBER conference of European scientific libraries was organized in Odense, Denmark, on July 6-8, 2022. The presentations from the National Library discussed the support of the Sámi language in digital services as well as the activities and collaboration regarding artificial intelligence at the National Library.

Lapin ja Finmarkin kartta Saamen kielialuettain

Northern Sámi language is spoken in three Nordic countries.

This year's theme of the LIBER conference was Libraries in the Research and Innovation Landscape. The National Library participated in the conference with two presentations:

  • Riitta Koikkalainen and Niko Partanen: Supporting of the Sámi language in digital services.
  • Liisa Näpärä and Päivi Pihlaja: Engaging in research and cultural heritage collaborations to endorse AI and machine learning activities.

All the presentation files will be published in the Zenodo website.

Award for Library Innovation

Riitta Koikkalainen and Niko Partanen's abstract Supporting Sámi languages ​​in digital services received the LIBER award for Library Innovation. The evaluation criteria for the award are level of innovation, impact on the wider library community, originality and the quality of the abstract. The award goes to the three abstracts that best meet the criteria. The winners are chosen by the Conference Program Committee. The sponsor of the award is the American library organization OCLC.

The next LIBER (Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche) conference will take place on July 5-7, 2023 in Budapest, Hungary. More information about LIBER on their website.

More information about the project to improve accessibility of Sámi language