The 5th Dublin Core Metadata Workshop

Helsinki, Finland, October 6-8, 1997

National Library of Finland

The Dublin Core workshop series promotes and develops the metadata elements required to facilitate the discovery of resources (documents and images) in a networked environment such as the Internet and support interoperability amongst heterogenous metadata systems. The workshop participants cover a wide range people from industry, academic, research, and library communities.

The Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) and the National Library of Finland are pleased to host the 5th Dublin Core Metadata Workshop. This fifth workshop in the series will concentrate on implementation of the Dublin Core. It will provide developers and planners an opportunity to share experiences with each other.

General: High-level overview of the workshop Schedule & Agenda: Outline and framework of the workshop
Participants: Names, email contacts, and personal and project home pages of registered attendees Conference Mailing List: Subscription information regarding the metadata conference mailing list
Registration: Open up to 30.9.1997, but only for those who have been invited. Additional Resources: References to background Dublin Core information and previous workshops
Helsinki: Information on Helsinki, Capital of Finland (in Finnish, English, German and Swedish) Nordic Metadata Workshop: Free Metadata workshop on 9.10.1997, Espoo, Finland

Workshop Organising Committee

Stuart Weibel
Juha Hakala

The organisers gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation and the Coalition for Networked Information for providing travel assistance to help defray the costs of atttendance for a number of US participants.

Coalition for Networked Information
To Advance Scholarship
and Intellectual Productivity

Workshop Steering Committee

Names to be announced

Presentation Slides used at DC5 and the Nordic Metadata Seminar 9.10.1997

Outcome Reports from DC5