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The National Library of Finland Bulletin 2014

Mika Hakkarainen

Erik Heinrichs donates volumes of L'Illustration to the National Library

Ambassador Erik Heinrichs has donated several volumes of the French L'Illustration weekly newspaper to the National Library of Finland. Published from 1843 to 1944, the newspaper was one of the first illustrated publications of its kind in Europe. It published the first black-and-white photograph in France in 1891 and the first colour photograph as early as 1907. The newspaper's importance in France is evidenced by its circulation, which reached 650,000 copies in 1929. Ambassador Heinrichs' donation includes issues from 1939 and 1940, which report on the Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland.

During the Second World War, the newspaper's editor-in-chief Jacques de Lesdain was an enemy collaborator, and the newspaper disseminated German propaganda. As a result, the newspaper was closed in conjunction with the Liberation of Paris in 1944.

The history of L'Illustration is described in more detail in Jean-Noël Marchandiau's book L'Illustration: vie et mort d'un journal 1843–1944 (Toulouse, 1987). The book is available in the National Library collections under the call number H.88-1199.

Mika Hakkarainen, Chief Information Specialist, National Library of Finland




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