Welcome to the National Library of Finland

The National Library of Finland is a cultural heritage organisation that is open to all and provides nationwide services to citizens, scientific communities and other societal operators.

Events and exhibitions

Cultural heritage for the common good

The National Library develops its services in order to promote equality in Finland. We work to ensure that our published cultural heritage is available as openly and easily as possible. With digitisation, we aim to provide extensive, harmonised and open materials. We strengthen the interest in and visibility of cultural heritage materials in cooperation with memory institutions and our other partners.

National Library at the heart of the academic community

We build multilingual and multidisciplinary collections to support research and develop our collection services to support digital human sciences. We promote researchers’ opportunities of openly publishing their work in Finnish and international publication channels. We are also involved in interesting research projects.

National Library as a resource of Bildungand learning

The open, digital services enable the renewal and reformation of teaching and learning. We also support the creation and use of open learning materials in order to promote lifelong learning and teaching across comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools and liberal adult education.

Network cooperation is the path to the future

We develop our services and operations in cooperation with our customers and key stakeholders. We actively take part in the international development work of the library sector. The added value of network cooperation is important to us.

The National Library of Finland carries out meaningful and impactful work (opens a new tab)

The National Library is a cultural heritage organisation that is open to all and boasts a working community of 230 experts. Do you want to become part of the National Library of Finland?

The National Library supports the sustainable development of cultural heritage (opens a new tab)

We are committed to operating responsibly and promoting sustainable development throughout our activities.