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What’s On in Digitization

The National Library (of Finland) has a four-year (2021 – 2024) digitization programme. It includes the materials to be digitized during the period and the potential materials, if external funding for their digitization is received.

In 2022, we will be digitising

  • recent newspapers
  • old newspapers from microfilm
  • cds

Digitised material is available here: digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi.

Finnish newspapers and journals, which have now been made freely available up to the year 1939, are at the core of the digitising work. The selection of other material to be digitised is based on the condition of the material, user demand and topicality. Copyright-free newspapers and journals will be made available to the public immediately through the digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi interface. 

We provide our clients with digitisation partnerships through which we digitise materials requested by them while sharing the costs. Copyright-free material is open to the public, while the rest of the material is available for use in legal deposit libraries. Digitised material can be opened for private use by a partner with a separate agreement.

For further information on partnerships, please contact Pirjo Karppinen, Liaison Manager: pirjo.karppinen(at)helsinki.fi or tel. +358 50 318 2320.