The National Library’s researcher facilities are available for long-term use on application.

Researcher facilities in The National Library of Finland:

The following facilities are available:

  • Researcher carrels in the South Reading Room (20 research carrels)
  • Researcher shelves in the North Reading Room (20 shelves)
  • Researcher lockers in the Rotunda (4 lockers)
  • Researcher carrels in the Slavonic Library (4 carrels)

The research carrels, lockers and shelves are free of charge.

Who can apply for researcher facilities and how can I apply?

Researcher carrels are open to all. The criteria for selection include:

  • The researcher’s need of the resources of the National Library (especially material restricted to reading room loans)
  • The researcher’s current working conditions
  • The weekly amount of time the researcher will use the carrel

Researcher facilities are granted for one or a half calendar year starting from January 2019. Applications for researcher facilities should be submitted via an online form by 10 December 2018.

Researcher facilities that have been vacated during the term and further information may be inquired from our customer service (kk-palvelut(at)

Library´s customer service
National Library
+358 (0)2941 23196

More information on customer service

    For what kind of work are the different researcher facilities suited?

    The researcher facilities at the National Library are divided according to their location and purpose of use in four groups.

    Researcher carrels in the South Reading Room

    The researcher carrels in the South Reading Room are particularly well suited for researchers who need National Library material, which is available only for reading room loan. The material will be deposited onto the researcher’s own shelf in the South Reading Room. Material from the Fennica and other special collections cannot be delivered to the South Reading Room.

    Every recipient of a researcher carrel will have at their disposal approximately two metres of shelf space and a movable cabinet for storing personal items. In addition to the reservable researcher carrels, the South Reading Room has 12 reader desks.

    Researcher shelves in the North Reading Room

    A researcher shelf can fit approximately 80 cm of reading room loans and personal reading material, which can be stored on the shelf for the duration of the reserved term. The researcher must ensure that all reading room loans are renewed on time. Moreover, the researcher is responsible for personal reading material stored on the shelf. Fennica (National Collection) or special collections material will not be delivered to the North Reading Room.

    Researcher lockers in the Rotunda

    The researcher lockers in the Rotunda are suitable for storing researchers’ own materials and personal items. They are not intended for storing reading room loans or material from the open collection.

    Researcher carrels in the Slavonic Library

    The researcher carrels in the Slavonic Library are intended primarily for researchers using the Slavonic Library’s reading room loans and its open collection. The research carrels are equipped with lockable drawers and provide researchers with the opportunity to store their reading room loans on their desk and shelves.