The Interlibrary Service of the National Library of Finland can provide assistance when you need to loan or get copies of materials in other Finnish or international libraries, or want to order materials from the National Library of Finland somewhere else in Finland.

Interlibrary borrowing

Exceptional situation (edit. 3 June 2021): Some foreign libraries suspend the loan of books via interlibrary loan. Delivery times may be longer than usual. More information from

Due to the holiday season, the Interlibrary Borrowing Service is closed in weeks 27–30 (5–30 July).

At the ILL borrowing services of the National Library of Finland, we order loans and reproductions for you from other libraries in Finland or abroad.

We will find the work required for you and get you a loan or a copy as affordably and quickly as possible. It is also possible to order material that is not available at that moment in time at the National Library.

You can make the order with an electronic order form. You can also submit an order at our customer service point, by phone or via email

We will send you an arrival notice when the material ordered can be picked up from the library’s customer service point. The interlibrary service fee is paid when picking up the material.

We will automatically renew all interlibrary loans and will notify you when the loan can no longer be renewed.

ILL borrowing services:
tel. +358 2941 22744

Interlibrary lending

The Interlibrary Lending Service is closed in weeks 29–30 (19–23 July).

Libraries can order loanable materials or reproductions for their customers through the National Library of Finland’s ILL lending service.

We do not send out National Collection materials as interlibrary loans but we can make reproductions of them. We will send microfilms of newspapers in the National Collection as reading room loans only when they are unavailable elsewhere.

The National Library of Finland materials can be found:

National Library's Search Service

Orders are made with an electronic order form.

ILL Lending services:
tel.  +358 2941 20497

Interlibrary services
National Library
+358 (0)2941 20497 (kirjastoille/bibliotek/libraries)
+358 (0)2941 22744 (yksityishenkilöille/privatpersoner/private persons)

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