Material requests

Some of the materials in the National Library of Finland's collections have been placed in the open collection, which means that they can be searched and loaned as self-service. No reservation is needed for these materials. A significant part of our library's collections is in storage, however, in which case their use requires making a reservation.


What can I reserve?

You can file a reservation for material located in the storages. Please see the material delivery times. The reservation is also made, if the materials are loaned by someone else. The library sends a message when you can pick up your materials.

You can start looking for the materials through the National Library's search service. It should be kept in mind that the National Library of Finland has plenty of materials that have not been catalogued into the databases. Rarer materials, in particular, such as the uncatalogued part of the National Collection or the materials of the Manuscript Collection, should therefore also be inquired from the library's information services.

If a replacement copy, such as a microfilms or a digital copy, has been made of the material, then only that will be used. In order to preserve the original material from the wear of use, we do not grant the original materials for reading room use, either.

Reservation for the materials

The reservations are made by logging into the National Library's search service with the number in your National Library card and a PIN code.

A large share of materials are available for home loan. If this is not the case, it will be mentioned in the material's reference information and in the email notification sent to you, when the materials are available. We have reserved storage space for the reading room loans of our customers.

If you are reserving materials that are unspecified serial publications, series or some other publication that has not been specified into the database, you should enter a specification into the notification field (printing year, part number of the series or other information specifying the order).

With regard to the materials in the Manuscript Collection, you will need the catalogues in our Special Collections Reading Room for placing a request, as the information in the search service is only at the collection level, and you will need more detailed information.

The options for reservations are an email order or order by phone from our customer service.

To the Search Service (

Library´s customer service
+358 (0)2941 23196
National Library of Finland

More information on customer service

    Request from the National Collection (Fennica)

    The National Collection (Fennica) is an archive collection and materials from it are loaned for the Special Collections Reading Room. These materials are not available in other libraries or in the other collections of our library. The most recommended and fastest way to get materials from the National Collection is:

    Alternative ordering methods are an email order or phone service through our customer service.

    If you don't have a National Library card, you can place an order with e-form before your visit. Order form for the National Collection (e-form)