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Europeana Formula

Europeana Formula service allows Finnish archives, libraries and museums to submit metadata on their materials in the pan-European digital cultural heritage portal, Europeana ( National Library of Finland supervises organisations, which have the agreement, in what kind of background work is involved in exporting the metadata.Europeana gives the materials a wider audience and its contents are utilised in many innovative projects promoting the accessibility of digital culture.

Fennica – the Finnish National Bibliography

Fennica - the Finnish National Bibliography is a database dedicated to the Finnish national imprint.

It contains information on books from 1488, newspapers frorm 1711, series, maps, audiovisuals and electronic materials. It also includes prepublication data from publishers and information on materials published outside of Finland that relate to Finland or are written by a Finnish author. The database also has information on ephemera publications.


FinELib consortium centrally provides consortium's member organisations with electronic resources. FinELib office operates at the National Library of Finland and negotiates license agreements on electronic resources and on open publication on behalf of the consortium members.

The licensing principles of the FinELib consortium are adhered to the acquisition of the resources. As a rule, attention is paid to the key factors of the acquisition, such as consortium discount, rights to use the resources, liability issues and availability of use statistics.


Finna is home to Finnish cultural and science resources. Finna is composed of the search service, which brings all the resources together, and hundreds of other Finna search services.


Finto is a thesaurus and ontology service free for all users. Finto contents include e.g. General Finnish Ontology YSO and YSO-places, a Metadata thesaurus, and Kanto - national agent names. Finto also provides several domain ontologies, domain thesauri and classifications as well as the KOKO ontology cloud which links a dozen of Finnish domain ontologies to YSO. The thesauri and ontologies in Finto are published as linked data and contribute to interoperability across language and institutional borders.

Interlibrary lending

We only send out loanable materials and some reading room loans.

We do not send out National Collection materials as interlibrary loans but we can make reproductions of them. We will send microfilms of newspapers in the National Collection as reading room loans only when they are unavailable elsewhere.

The National Library of Finland materials can be found:

National Library's Search Service


An ISBN identifies books intended for public use. The Finnish national ISBN Agency is responsible for handing out ISBNs in Finland. The Agency maintains a national publisher register and provides information about Finnish publishers for national and international use.


An ISMN identifies sheet music intended for public use. The Finnish national ISBN Agency is also responsible for handing out ISMNs in Finland. The Agency maintains a national publisher register and provides information about Finnish publishers for national and international use.


ISNI, the International Standard Name Identifier, is an identifier given to a public identity of a person or an organisation. The ISNI is useful in distinguishing e.g. two persons with identical names. It also helps to recognise two expressions of a name (e.g. in different writing systems) as referring to the same entity.

The National Library of Finland is one of the Registation Agencies.

For more information please contact us:


ISSN identifies continuously published publications. The Finnish national ISSN Agency is responsible for providing the identifiers in Finland and sends the information about publications that have received an ISSN to the ISSN Portal database.