Promotio 1643 – 2023. A jubilation of a ceremony

Promootionäyttelyn tunnuskuva

Painting: F. Ahlstedt. Picture: Matti Ruotsalainen / Helsinki University Museum

Tue 21.3. to Tue 31.10.2023

Kansalliskirjaston Galleria

The exhibition is closed on Monday 29 May due to renovations


During 2023, the conferment story is presented as a thematic exhibition in the National Library. What do Runeberg, Mannerheim, Sibelius and all our presidents have in common? Why is the conferment important in the history of Finland? Has the dress code always been this strict? Is it acceptable to change the tradition? Come an explore the many parts of the Finnish academic culture!

In March, a thematic exhibition about the conferment history is opened in the National Library. For the first time, conferment images and artefacts will be on display in a curated story about famous participants of the conferment both from private collections and different museums.

The exhibition is open from March 21st to 31st of October 2023 during the library opening hours

The chief curator of the exhibition is Ph. D. Kristina Ranki. The exhibition is created in cooperation with several partners and museums such as The National Library, the Helsinki University Museum, the National Museum, the Mannerheim Museum and the Helsinki City Museum.

Guided tours by appointments (


The Conferment Jubilee 2023


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