Koodia tietokoneen ruudulla.
Alternative name of service
Koha service
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Service description

The National Library of Finland provides a library system service based on the free open-source Koha software. Libraries can use the system to manage acquisitions and borrowing relating to their collections.

The service includes system maintenance, development work agreed in detail with customers, and the coordination of the server platform procurement. The service is provided together with CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.

The library system service is implemented so that data description takes place in Melinda, while Finna serves as the customer interface. In other words, library system customers should also be parties to an agreement on the use of Melinda and Finna.

Also offered is an additional system maintenance service, in which the National Library has more extensive responsibility, for example, for the library system settings.

Joining the service
  • Paid service
  • Joining the service requires a contract
Standards used

Metadata: MARC 21
Harvesting of data sources: REST API
Acquisition: EDIFACT
Self-service systems: SIP2
RFID: ISO 28560-1, ISO 28560-2, ISO 14443

Contact information
Koha service address
The National Library of Finland
Background information

The library system is based on the open and free Koha source code, applied to meet the needs of Finnish research libraries. Koha is also used by a number of public libraries, and close development cooperation has been established with the Koha-Suomi Oy company, which provides services to such libraries. International cooperation is likewise active. The National Library of Finland itself also uses Koha.

Service users
  • Organisations
Steering responsibility

The National Library of Finland

Organisation model
  • Service is developed as part of basic operation of National Library