Services for organizations

Repository Services

The publication archive services offer the customer organisation a repository system to help manage and publish digital documents. These documents may be texts, such as articles, final theses, books or reports; or pictures, audio recordings or videos. Customers have at their disposal a data entry form for describing and exporting the materials to the repository, but materials may also be imported to the repository from other systems with automatic processes. It is also easy to export materials and related metadata to other systems.


Skosmos is an open source code thesaurus and ontology browser application operating on the background of the Finto service developed in the National Library of Finland. Skosmos development takes place on Github platform and is open to public viewing and commenting.  Skosmos user interface is available in dozens of languages and language versions are regularly updated as a part of each release version.  In addition to the Finto service, Skosmos has also been taken to use elsewhere, even abroad (e.g. UNESCO and FAO use Skosmos).


A URN identifier is a unique and persistent identifier of an electronic document.

Viola – the Finnish national discography

Viola is the Finnish national discography and the national bibliography of sheet music. The database contains references on Finnish sound recordings since 1901 and Finnish sheet music since 1977. Viola database contains information both on musical publications as well as single works and pieces. In all, Viola contains approximately 1.1 million cataloguing records. Approximately 20,000 new records are added each year to the database. 

YSO General Finnish Ontology

The General Finnish Ontology YSO is a trilingual (Finnish, Swedish, English) ontology consisting mainly of general concepts, but which also contains a large number of concepts specific to various fields. YSO's Swedish language version is ALLFO.

Ontology refers to a hierarchy of concepts, which describes concepts and relations between them in some topic area in a machine understandable format and it identifies the concepts with identifiers (URI) instead of terms.

YSO places

YSO places is a bilingual (Finnish, Swedish) ontology of places, intended for general use. YSO places includes concepts referring to administrative and other areas as well as physical geography, selected to meet the content description needs of memory institutions in particular. The concepts refer to current and historical places in and outside Finland.