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Juuli publication infornation portal is meant for browsing and searching publication information of Finnish research organisations.Reference data contained by Juuli has been collected from the research data systems of Finnish higher education institutions in conjunction information retrieval by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

KOKO ontology

KOKO is a collection of Finnish ontologies, which have been linked to each other by means of mirroring. KOKO’s framework is the General Finnish Upper Ontology (YSO) to which a group of ontologies in special fields have been linked. KOKO contains in all over 50,000 concepts. Other ontologies included in KOKO are:

Library System Service

The National Library of Finland provides a library system service based on the free open-source Koha software. Libraries can use the system to manage acquisitions and borrowing relating to their collections.

The service includes system maintenance, development work agreed in detail with customers, and the coordination of the server platform procurement. The service is provided together with CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.


MARC 21 is an international description and file transfer format, which is maintained and developed by the Library of Congress.  The National Library of Finland edits the Finnish and Swedish versions of the format and provides guidance and training related to them as well as maintains international connections.Provision of conversions between various format versions and updates is also a part of the service.A separate USEMARCON software is available for making and testing conversions.


Melinda is a collaborative environment for national cataloguing activities as well as a national metadata repository that is used to collate descriptive metadata on library materials. Participating libraries can use the shared repository to catalogue their materials and thus enable this information to be further utilised. This process helps the libraries decrease their workload and save costs, allowing them to focus on providing their patrons with even better services.

Metadata thesaurus

Metadata thesaurus contains terms and expressions required in describing materials. The thesaurus is also suitable for selecting headings displayed in user interfaces. It also enhances automatic processing of metadata (machine-readability, automatic translation, linkability).

The thesaurus is organized according to the entity-relationship structure of the RDA text and the LRM conceptual model. Each term and phrase has its own permanent identifier (URI).

Microfilming services

Microfilming services

We distribute microfilm copies of newspapers to the libraries. The National Library of Finland digitalises all newspapers published in Finland and prints them on microfilm (Computer output microfilm).

The durability of a microfilm under the right conditions is at least 500 years. Film can be used in digitalisation.



ONIX for Books is an international describing and data transfer format for books and other publications maintained by EDItEUR.ONIX centre is responsible for the maintenance and development of the Finnish application together with operators in the book sector.

Open Data

The Fennica National Bibliography is a database of Finnish publications maintained by the National Library of Finland. Fennica is available as open data using the CC0 license, which allows free use for any purpose. You can browse the data with a user interface at

Additionally the National Library is publishing several other databases and APIs. You can find more information in the Data Catalog.