Reprographic service

It is possible to order reproductions of the materials in the National Library of Finland. The Reprographic Service produces paper and digital reproductions for private use, research needs as well as publication activities. Customers may also copy or photograph materials with their own equipment while complying with the below terms.

Service description

What materials can I copy myself and what not?

You may copy materials available for home loans and in the Reference Library. According to the law, you may make copies of published materials for private use also in the case that the copyright of the work is still valid. 

Self-copying of the following materials is not allowed due to reasons related to ensuring their preservation, but you can order reproductions of them from the Reprographic Service.

  • National Collection materials
  • Materials in historical, special or archive collections
  • Very rare materials and materials susceptible to damage

Can I photograph materials with my camera?

As a rule, you can photograph materials with your digital camera, including materials you are not allowed to copy yourself. The precondition is that this happens without disturbing others and damaging the materials. A flash may not be used.

You must ask permission from the personnel to take photos at the Special Collections Reading Room. Some limitations may apply to use of archive materials and for this reason you should ask for permission to photograph them in advance.

There is a photographing room at the library for demanding photographing, where you can photograph materials with your own equipment.  Agree on the arrangements, order the materials you need and fill in the photographing permit form no later than three days in advance.

A member of the library personnel will monitor the shoot if the object being photographed is old or rare. A fee based on the service price list will be charged for the use of the facilities and monitoring.

How do I order a reproduction?

Make the order by filling in the reproductions order form online or send the information via email.

If the order is for materials for which there already exists a replacement copy (microfilm, digital copy), we will use that copy for making the paper reproduction to ensure their preservation.

The Copyright Act sets limits to the operations of the Reprographic Service. We can only copy parts of publications to which the copyright is still valid. We cannot make any copies of music publications (sheet music, recordings) without the permission of the copyright owner. We cannot make digital copies of any publications to which the copyright is still valid.

We will deliver the orders in one week time. Orders are subject to a fee according to the service price list. Should you have any questions, you can always contact the Reprographic Service at nationallibrary(at)

Use the online reproductions order form.

When can I use the services of the Centre for Preservation and Digitisation?


  • there is a great deal of the materials to be digitised or copied on paper, for example full publications or extensive published entities
  • the materials are in poor condition, easily damaged or large in size

When you want

  • to record the technical stages of the digitisation process (equipment used, quality, processing history)
  • to ensure that the handling of materials meets safe, archive-quality conditions
  • post-processing of scanned materials
  • planning or consultation services in addition to digitisation

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