Service description

FinELib consortium centrally provides consortium's member organisations with electronic materials.The service unit of the consortium operates at the National Library of Finland.The service unit negotiates the licensing of e-materials on behalf of the consortium members.

The licensing principles of the FinELib consortium are adhered to in the materials acquisition.As a rule, attention is paid to issues key to the acquisition, such as consortium discount, use rights of the materials, liability issues and the availability of use statistics.

FinELib consortium also promotes the use and availability of e-materials with various development projects.

Joining the service
  • Paid service
  • Joining the service requires a contract

The Ministry of Education and Culture provides centralised funding for FinELib for universities, polytechnics and general libraries falling under its administrative sector.

Contact information
FinELib service address
Service users
  • Organisations

Members of the FinELib consortium include Finnish universities, polytechnics, general libraries and some other organisations receiving public funding

Steering responsibility

The National Library of Finland is responsible for the activities of FinELib as well as its development in accordance with policies defined by the FinELib steering group.

Organisation model
  • Consortium
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