Finto AI

Finto AI is a service for automated subject indexing. It’s based on the open-source automated indexing tooI Annif.

Service description

Finto AI can be used to suggest subjects for text in Finnish, Swedish and English. It currently gives suggestions based on concepts of the General Finnish Ontology YSO. Finto AI can be used via a web form and it also has an open API for easy integration to other systems. 

An API integration is already in place at some institutional repositories maintained by the National Library of Finland. These include for example universities of Vaasa, Tampere and Lapland. Students submitting their thesis to the institutional repository get suggestions from Annif that they can use or discard, then a librarian/informatician does a final check. A similar workflow is also being used by the National Library of Finland for the process of receiving electronic legal deposits.

Joining the service

Service usage doesn't require payment

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