Finto is a thesaurus and ontology service free for all users. Finto contents include e.g.

Service description

Finto is a thesaurus and ontology service free for all users. Finto contents include e.g. General Finnish Ontology YSO and YSO-places, a Metadata thesaurus, and Kanto - national agent names. Finto also provides several domain ontologies, domain thesauri and classifications as well as the KOKO ontology cloud which links a dozen of Finnish domain ontologies to YSO. The thesauri and ontologies in Finto are published as linked data and contribute to interoperability across language and institutional borders. Finto's content can be used in indexing and information retrieval through Finto's APIs. Finto service is based on Skosmos, an open source browser and publishing tool developed by The National Library of Finland. Finto provides also the Finto AI which is a service for automated subject indexing.

Background information

Finto service was developed in the Finto project, which was funded by The Ministry of Finance and The Ministry of Education and Culture. The service has roots in the research and ground work done by Semantic Computing Research Group (SeCo) of Aalto University and the University of Helsinki.

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Browsing content is free for everybody. Finto customer wiki has more info on how to use Finto content in indexing and information retrieval though APIs. Finto activites and development are guided through a steering group representing various user groups and the National Library. Finto is maintained and developed at the National Library of Finland. 

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Thesaurus and Ontology Service Finto

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