Finna is home to Finnish cultural and science resources. Finna brings materials from museums, libraries and archives under one roof at the search service. In addition, Finna’s customer organisations can create their own search views.

Service description

Finna is composed of the search service, which brings all the resources together, and hundreds of other individual Finna search services created by museums, libraries and archives. Using versatile search functions, you can easily access millions of items quickly and easily.

Finna includes almost five hundred customer organisations.

Finna’s open interface serves more technically-oriented users, such as application developers, data visualisation providers or researchers using digital resources.

Our objective is to make finding and using information as easy and secure as possible.

Background information

  • The National Library of Finland maintains and develops the Finna service in collaboration with libraries, archives, museums and other partners.
  • Finna is based on an open source code, which enables diverse national and international cooperation in Finna’s development.
  • Finna was launched in 2013. The service is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Joining the service

Joining the service requires a contract

Information about joining the service

You can express your organisation’s interest in joining Finna at any time. The actual timetable will be agreed together.

Joining Finna is free for archives, libraries and museums within the administrative sector of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

You can find more information in our customer wiki.

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