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YSO places is a bilingual (Finnish, Swedish) ontology of places, intended for general use. YSO places includes concepts referring to administrative and other areas as well as physical geography, selected to meet the content description needs of memory institutions in particular. The concepts refer to current and historical places in and outside Finland.

YSO places has a hierarchical structure based on part-whole relations between concepts. For Finnish places, the hierarchical relations rely on the structure of the Place Name Register of the National Land Survey of Finland. In addition to part-whole relations, concepts are linked by associative relations.

Places located in Finland are linked to the Place Name Register of the National Land Survey of Finland to enable users to search for locations and other information. Some of the places are also linked to Wikidata. Finnish places are classified in accordance with the Place Name Register.

The forms of names for concepts have been verified from authorised sources and are based on Finnish spelling rules.

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YSO is free for all users through Finto service.

Standards used

ISO 25964-1:2011 (Information and documentation - Thesauri and interoperability with other vocabularies – Part 1: Thesauri for information retrieval)

ISO 25964-2:2013 (Information and documentation – Thesauri and interoperability with other vocabularies – Part 2: Interoperability with other vocabularies)



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Customer wiki has more info on YSO, including instructions how to suggest new concepts for YSO.

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