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We offer digitisation of paper materials from materials belonging to the National Library of Finland collection or customer's own materials.We also manufacture digital recordings from microfilm, microfiche, photographic materials and sound recordings.We are specialised in the digitisation of large collections as well as materials in poor condition and requiring careful handling.

We also offer post-processing services for digitised materials, for example, text recognition and PDF conversion. Additional services enrich digital materials, refine their characteristics, enable access or store materials as microfilm.Training and guidance  are also available as additional services. 

We can digitise extremely varied paper materials from frail pamphlets to books that are difficult to open.The most commonly digitised materials are books, ephemera, magazines, photographs and sound recordings. It is also possible to digitise large volumes and materials requiring special handling as well as archive materials.With a test batch, we can test digitisation for the purposes of a possible larger project for the customer.

However, the library cannot provide its customers with digital copies of copyrighted materials (Copyright Act section 16a§). Manufacture of such materials is possible, if the customer has attained an advance permission from the copyright holder.In this case, the customer must also sign a pledge form related to duplication of copyrighted materials.

We are happy to provide additional information and always negotiate with the customer at the ordering stage.Large-scale digitisation projects are priced according quotations.

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Standards used

Long-term repository:

Recommendation of the National Archives Service of Finland as the quality criteria of the digitisation of cultural heritage (AL/11130/ 


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Kansalliskirjasto, digitointisopimukset
Background information

It is worthwhile using our digitisation service, when

  • materials belonging to the National Library collections are used as original materials
  • there is a great deal of materials to digitise, for example, whole publications or extensive publication series

when the customer wants

  • high quality scanning, for example for publication activities
  • to document the technical stages of the digitisation process (equipment used, quality, processing history)
  • safe conditions meeting archive requirements are to be ensured for the processing of the materials
  • post-processing of scanned materials
  • planning or consultation services in addition to digitisation

when the materials are

  • in poor condition, fragile
  • large in size
  • bound
  • on microfilm, microfiche or negative.

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Service users
  • Organisations
  • Enterprises
  • Private individuals
Steering responsibility

The National Library of Finland

Organisation model
  • Service is developed as part of basic operation of National Library
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