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Conservation services

We offer paper material conservation services, book-binding, guidance on preservation and consultation in the field.Conservation measures ensure the preservation of the original materials, repair damages already occurred to the materials and prevent further damages.Measures required by the materials to be conserved are always discussed with the customer on a case-by-case basis.The cost estimate is done according to the service price list.

Conservation typically entails the following steps: study, preventive conservation, conservation measures and documentation.Conservation measures are always based on careful study and they aim at prolonging the life cycle of the conservation object.At their most simple, they aim at halting current damages, for example, by cleaning the object.Conservation measures may also include restoration.Restoration measures aim at returning the object either to the known or assumed original condition often by adding some new materials to the object that was not there originally.The materials used in restoration must be as easily removable as possible.

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National Library of Finland, Mikkeli Unit
National Library
+358 (0)50 317 5525 (klo/kl./at 9-15)
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The National Library of Finland

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  • Service is developed as part of basic operation of National Library
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