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Service description

Additional digitisation services

Digitised materials will be processed according to customer wishes. Additional services can include, for example, measures related to post-processing and to enabling access.

Examples of additional services:

  • text recognition (Optical Character Recognition, OCR)
  • including standard-format metadata in the materials (Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard, METS; long-term repository metadata PAS)
  • provision of required standard metadata
  • microfilm printing (Computer Output Microfilm)

Subsequent to text recognition, word searches can be performed on the materials.

METS-format metadata added to the digitised materials contains the logical structure of the digital object as well as descriptive, administrative and technical metadata. The standard enables reuse of materials.

PAS is the repository solution of The National Digital Library, the use of which requires certain recommended file formats and specific metadata.

Digital images can also be saved on microfilm with a microfilm printer (Computer Output Microfilm).

We are happy to provide additional information and always negotiate with the customer at the ordering stage.

Joining the service
  • Paid service
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National Library of Finland, Mikkeli Unit
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Service users
  • Enterprises
  • Organisations
  • Private individuals
Steering responsibility

The National Library of Finland

Organisation model
  • Service is developed as part of basic operation of National Library
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