We can digitise materials by the National Library of Finland or materials provided by the customer for our customers. We are specialised in the digitisation of large collections as well as materials in poor condition and requiring careful handling. For digitising materials subject to a copyright, we require the right owner's consent. We promote the production of digital materials by making partnerships with magazine publishing houses, for example.

We provide the National Library of Finland's digital historical journals and ephemera through the digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi, i.e. Digi, service. Materials that are not subject to copyright are available for all, and those subject to copyright can only be used through the customer terminals of the legal deposit libraries. The Digi service also holds the scientific journals selected for the Peri+ service, which are available in the contract libraries. 

We offer paper material conservation services, guidance on preservation and consultation in the field as preservation services. For libraries we distribute the microfilm copies of newspapers, for example.