Universities and research institutes

Data services

Data services serve a wide range of students, researchers, artists, and other data users, regardless of their discipline. Even those who are not researchers can take advantage of the data. Digitised materials also have a download tool that can be used to create a data set that is suitable for your purposes. You can access the data independently with the data catalogue and tools developed by the National Library. You can use the data with the support of the National Library of Finland’s expertise or in co-operation projects with the National Library.


FinELib consortium centrally provides consortium's member organisations with electronic resources. FinELib office operates at the National Library of Finland and negotiates license agreements on electronic resources and on open publication on behalf of the consortium members.

The licensing principles of the FinELib consortium are adhered to the acquisition of the resources. As a rule, attention is paid to the key factors of the acquisition, such as consortium discount, rights to use the resources, liability issues and availability of use statistics.


Finna is composed of the Finna.fi search service, which brings all the resources together, and hundreds of other individual Finna search services created by museums, libraries and archives. Using versatile search functions, you can easily access millions of items quickly and easily.

Finna includes almost five hundred customer organisations.

Repository Services

The publication archive services offer the customer organisation a repository system to help manage and publish digital documents. These documents may be texts, such as articles, final theses, books or reports; or pictures, audio recordings or videos. Customers have at their disposal a data entry form for describing and exporting the materials to the repository, but materials may also be imported to the repository from other systems with automatic processes. It is also easy to export materials and related metadata to other systems.

Research cooperation

We participate in research projects that promote the availability and usability of our materials as well as improve the quality of our materials with, for example, new types of content data or by utilising applications based on artificial intelligence.