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Annif utilises machine learning and language technology solutions. Annif is language independent and can be used with any indexing vocabulary, as long as the necessary language technology tools exist for the given language. Annif can be trained to better fit various use cases. The Finto AI service is based on Annif.


Arto is a collection of Finnish periodical and monograph articles in Melinda. Arto's information may be searched in Finna and they may be utilised via user interfaces, for example, in publication information searches in higher education institutions.

With the help of Article data entry form any library, scientific publisher or scientific society may store articles in their own fields, subject matter or their own publications in way that will make them easier to find.

Collection presentations for students

The personnel of the library are happy to present the collections and research opportunities provided by them to student groups from higher education and other educational institutions.

The National Library of Finland offers excellent materials for thesis work. We also provide assistance in information retrieval and use of electronic materials.

The service is provided free of charge.

Cultural Events

The National Library organises cultural events and exhibitions open to all as well as training and other events designed for professional librarians.

Customer Service


You can contact the information services by email, phone, chat or at the library.

Data services

Data services serve a wide range of students, researchers, artists, and other data users, regardless of their discipline. Even those who are not researchers can take advantage of the data. Digitised materials also have a download tool that can be used to create a data set that is suitable for your purposes. You can access the data independently with the data catalogue and tools developed by the National Library. You can use the data with the support of the National Library of Finland’s expertise or in co-operation projects with the National Library.


Digi contains over 21 million pages of digitised materials, which can be searched with free text. All newspapers and periodicals digitised by the National Library of Finland as well as electronically deposited new newspapers are in the same system in Digi.  Some of the materials can be freely used online but copyrighted materials may only be used on the customer workstations in legal deposit libraries (link to legal deposit library section).



We offer digitisation of paper materials from materials belonging to the National Library of Finland collection or customer's own materials.We also manufacture digital recordings from microfilm, microfiche, photographic materials and sound recordings.We are specialised in the digitisation of large collections as well as materials in poor condition and requiring careful handling.

Dublin Core

Dublin Core format is a format developed for describing digital materials. In principle, it enables simple and easy description by also individuals outside the library field. The National Library of Finland maintains Finnish application and saving instructions and produces application profiles for various materials. The format is used in publication archives, such as the Doria service of the National Library of Finland. The library is a member of the background organisation of the Dublin Core format, DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative) and participates in its administration.


Kansalliskirjasto järjestää vuosittain erilaisia näyttelyitä. Kirjaston monipuolinen kulttuuritoiminta tarjoaa elämyksiä, iloa ja innostusta kirjakulttuuriin ja tiedonhakuun kaikille kansalaisille. Näyttelyihin ja tapahtumiin on vapaa pääsy.