Legal deposit donators


Annif utilises machine learning and language technology solutions. Annif is language independent and can be used with any indexing vocabulary, as long as the necessary language technology tools exist for the given language. Annif can be trained to better fit various use cases. The Finto AI service is based on Annif.


Arto is a collection of Finnish periodical and monograph articles in Melinda. Arto's information may be searched in Finna and they may be utilised via user interfaces, for example, in publication information searches in higher education institutions.

With the help of Article data entry form any library, scientific publisher or scientific society may store articles in their own fields, subject matter or their own publications in way that will make them easier to find.

Contract-based electronic deposit of newspapers

Contract-based electronic deposit of newspapers

A newspaper can be delivered electronically to the National Library of Finland.The submitting party and the National Library of Finland will negotiate and agree the details.

Electronic submission refers to the submission of materials used in printing or publication of the newspaper electronically together with the metadata related to the files.Files may include print PDF as well as image and text files.


The aim is

to ensure high quality preservation of culture-historically valuable materials and


Digi contains over 21 million pages of digitised materials, which can be searched with free text. All newspapers and periodicals digitised by the National Library of Finland as well as electronically deposited new newspapers are in the same system in Digi.  Some of the materials can be freely used online but copyrighted materials may only be used on the customer workstations in legal deposit libraries (link to legal deposit library section).



We offer digitisation of paper materials from materials belonging to the National Library of Finland collection or customer's own materials.We also manufacture digital recordings from microfilm, microfiche, photographic materials and sound recordings.We are specialised in the digitisation of large collections as well as materials in poor condition and requiring careful handling.

Digitisation partnership

Digitisation partnership

The National Library of Finland offers digitisation partnerships to publishers with the help of which the publisher and the library can digitise shared materials while sharing costs.In accordance with its social duty, the National Library of Finland will get the right to place digitised materials in use of research and teaching to researchers, universities, polytechnics, museums and archives, based on contracts.

Copyright issues of publications will have to be cleared.The parties will agree on placing the materials in use.

Fennica – the Finnish National Bibliography

Fennica - the Finnish National Bibliography is a database dedicated to the Finnish national imprint.

It contains information on books from 1488, newspapers frorm 1711, series, maps, audiovisuals and electronic materials. It also includes prepublication data from publishers and information on materials published outside of Finland that relate to Finland or are written by a Finnish author. The database also has information on ephemera publications.


Finna is composed of the search service, which brings all the resources together, and hundreds of other individual Finna search services created by museums, libraries and archives. Using versatile search functions, you can easily access millions of items quickly and easily.

Finna includes almost five hundred customer organisations.


Finto is a thesaurus and ontology service free for all users. Finto contents include e.g. General Finnish Ontology YSO and YSO-places, a Metadata thesaurus, and Kanto - national agent names. Finto also provides several domain ontologies, domain thesauri and classifications as well as the KOKO ontology cloud which links a dozen of Finnish domain ontologies to YSO. The thesauri and ontologies in Finto are published as linked data and contribute to interoperability across language and institutional borders.


An ISBN identifies books intended for public use. The Finnish national ISBN Agency is responsible for handing out ISBNs in Finland. The Agency maintains a national publisher register and provides information about Finnish publishers for national and international use.