Rules for the Special Collections Reading Room

As confirmed by the director of the National Library of Finland 29 October 2019

Rules for the Special Collections Reading Room

The Special Collections Reading Room is intended for the study of the Library’s oldest and most unique collections, such as the National Collection, special collections, manuscripts, maps and other material that needs to be handled with special care.

Users need to registers as users of the Special Collections Reading Room by presenting their National Library card.

Studying some collections requires that you are granted a right to use this material, and the material can only be studied under staff supervision.

Material that is available on microfilm or in digitised format or facsimile editions may not be borrowed for use in the reading room without a special request for the right to use it. The only exception is material included in the Reenpää collection.

The number of reading room loans may not exceed 5 manuscript units and 10 books per borrower.

Material may not be removed from the Special Collections Reading Room.

Bags, computer cases or user’s own books may not be brought to the Special Collections Reading Room. They may be left in lockers in the Reading Room lobby. Book baskets must also be left by the staff booth, or outside the reading room.

In some cases the reading room staff may permit a book that is necessary for one's research to be taken into the reading room. Upon leaving the reading room, the book must be presented to the reading room staff.

Pencils and paper for taking notes are available in the Special Collections Reading Room. When leaving the room, the papers must be presented to the staff.

The staff will guide the users to their assigned reading desk.

Readers are not permitted to reproduce Special Collections Reading Room material, but copies can be ordered from the staff if reproduction or copyright limitations and preservation aspects permit reproduction.

All other rules concerning the handling of the material must be observed.