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  • The National Library of Finland
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1.4.2015 to 31.3.2017
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The aim of the TAJUA project is to considerably increase the fast, permanent and genuinely open availability of the outcomes of scientific endeavours in Finland. This will be attained through the development of open publication channels and by improving the quality of operations. The project will help researchers and research organisations to increase the open publication of research data and scientific articles. It will also improve the quality of open science publication practices and that of metadata. Consequently, it will promote the easy discovery, distribution and re-use of open scientific outcomes.

The TAJUA project comprises numerous reasonably independent sub-projects. The project results will be new services, surveys and documentation, as well as new operating models.

The basic infrastructure of parallel recording  is a generally usable and affordable way to publish scientific research as parallel records. It is easy to implement in research organisations and its use is easy for researchers.

Harmonised practices of open publication will see light as a result of expert work in the project and as a result of the work of the extensive cooperation network. The practices will be documented and training materials on them will be produced.

A cooperation network will be created to support cooperation.

The Open publication support model is a solution proposal based on surveys of how to organise the covering of author fees related to publication, especially in international Open Access journals.

The research data description tool ensures the manageability, availability and re-usability of data materials. It is an easy-to-use tool for researchers for creating high-quality standard-based metadata on the research data.

Research material identifier and name information services are important support services, which are necessary for high-quality material management, mutual referencing of materials and the production of open linked data.

The Long-term availability of open science outcomes is based on the perustuu Tutkimus-PAS service.

Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö
Open Science and Research Initiative, FinELib consortium

The project is implemented by a project group headed by the project manager. The project manager is supported by the National Library’s internal close steering group. The steering groups of the various sub-projects will be respective working groups in the Open Science and Research Initiative, through which the results of the project in its entirety will be reported to the strategy group of the Open Science and Research Initiative.

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