Kilda - Library metadata into linked data

The key duties of the project are:

  • The putting into practice of new description rules for RDA through Finnish translation of the rule text, guidelines, training and conversions.
  • Publication of the National Metadata Thesaurus as linked data.
  • Introduction of operator IDs.
  • Reform of the National Library’s description expert services.
  • Creation of a joint name information service information model for libraries, archives and museums.

Goal and tasks

The project aims to promote the transfer of library metadata into linked data by putting the revision of the international description into use in Finland. At the core of the project is the implementation of the international RDA (Resource Description and Access) standard in Finland. In addition to the RDA description standard, identifiers, information and concept models, as well as thesauri are key development areas in the creation of linked data.
The project aims to consolidate National Library’s role and responsibility as a developer, coordinator and provider of guidelines of descriptive metadata. During the project, description cooperation with archives and museums will also be developed.


Revision of description aims at creating internationally compatible metadata, better usability of descriptive metadata in information networks and improved metadata production efficiency and quality.

Project setters

National Library
The Research Library



Project status





Libraries, museums and archives