Digitisation of Uusi Suomi

The project digitises the materials of Uusi Suometar and Uusi Suomi as a historical continuum through the entire publication period of the papers from 4 January 1869 to 29 November 1991.

Goal and tasks

At the end of the project, the materials of Uusi Suometar and Uusi Suomi will be available in a digital format as an unbroken historical chain from 122 years. At the end of the project, more than 600,000 pages of newspaper material of these papers will be digitally available.


Digitised newspapers are the most used materials by researchers and the public.
Newspapers are an irreplaceably rich and diverse culturohistorical heritage
because daily newspapers have recorded the current events of politics, the economy, culture and arts as current descriptions. This is why newspaper materials can be used diversely and they are very rich materials.
When digitised, newspaper materials are easy to access and use and they serve
the Finnish media, researchers and anyone who is interested in
history, the present and the future.
The digitisation of Uusi Suometar and Uusi Suomi until 1991 will bring the materials
for wider research use and ensure the permanent preservation of the material
at the National Library.

Project setters

National Library



Project status



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