Digitisation Project of Minority Languages

Goal and tasks

The project produces materials printed in minority languages and material refinement tools to support linguistic research and citizen science. In this context, minority languages refer to Mordvin, Permic, Mari, Nenets, Yiddish, Sami and Romani languages.
The project digitises linguistic materials to which researchers have not previously had access. The materials will be made available for both researchers and the general public in the Fenno-Ugrica Collection. The digitisation Project of Kindred Languages is a sub-project of the Kone Foundation -funded Language programme.
During the project, documentation of language will be implemented by digitising materials, finding out about copyrights related to the materials, making digitised materials openly available in the Fenno-Ugrica Collection and refining data from language materials for use in third party systems.
During the one-year project, a total of 715 monograph titles will be digitised and made available for use. In all 52 titles of serial publications will be digitised during the project. According to the plan, there will be approximately 73,000 monograph pages and approximately 74,000 serial publication pages. In addition to printed materials, manuscripts in the archives will be the focus of the project; over 12,500 sheets will be digitised

Project setters

National Library



Project status



The Kone Foundation


The National Board of Antiquities, archives, Helsinki; the National Library of Russia, Russia, St. Petersburg; The Estonian Literary Museum, Estonia, Tartu; The National Library of Sweden , Sweden, Stockholm; The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, Sweden, Stockholm; Roma Cultural Centre, Sweden, Malmö; The Russian Geographical Society, Russia, St. Petersburg; the archives of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia. St. Petersburg; Language Bank (FIN-CLARIN), Research Unit for Volgaic Languages (University of Turku), Romani language and culture studies (University of Helsinki), Giellatekno (University of Tromsø), Giellagas institute (University of Oulu), KorAP (Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim), Mari Language Project (Universität Wien), Skandinavisches Seminar (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg), FU-Lab (Коми республиканская академия государственной службы и управления, Syktyvkar), Fenno-Ugric personal name systems (Terhi Ainiala), Literature in Nenets (Karina Lukin), Ugri work (Liiketila Art Collective).