Our library organisation consists of three divisions.

Research library

Research library is in charge of increasing and describing our published national heritage, making it accessible for the public and conserving it permanently.

  • The division is responsible for national bibliography operations and maintains and develops the national description guidelines, glossaries and identifiers.
  • The division offers library services both to local customers and globally, through the information network.
  • The scientific focus areas of the research library are history, research of Russia and Eastern Europe, research of arts and philosophy.

Library network services

Library network services is a service concept targeted at libraries, which promotes open information access in a society and develops the service and work environment of digital library.

  • This division is in charge of the strategic development of our library network's shared services and infrastructure on a national level.
  • This division works in cooperation with the library network and promotes equal and open information access in the society.
  • This division is responsible for the development of library's service and work environment as well as the evaluation of the impact of library operations.
  • Additionally, the division develops services for other memory organisations.

Centre for Preservation and Digitisation

Centre for Preservation and Digitisation is in charge of the National Library of Finland's preservation, conservation and digitising operations and their development.

  • This division provides our library with the basic activities of digitising, conservation and microphotography and produces materials for our digital collections.
  • The division also promotes the field's Finnish and international cooperation and is in charge of our library's digitising and preservation policies.
  • The division is responsible for making the digitised materials accessible and ensuring their suitability for long-term preservation while working in cooperation with the library network services.
  • Also, the Centre for Preservation and Digitisation offers high-quality microphotography, conservation and digitising services for external customers.

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