The Kansalliskirjasto magazine highlights topical issues and events in all operating fields of the National Library of Finland. It also follows and discusses phenomena in the world of science and culture.

Key themes include new challenges in the preservation and research of cultural heritage, development of services aimed at all the libraries in Finland as well as national, European and global cooperation.

Editorial staff

Editorial council

The Kansalliskirjasto magazine is published four times a year. It is distributed to the libraries of universities and universities of applied sciences, special libraries, public libraries, to representatives of education and culture administration, researchers and other stakeholders and cooperation parties of the National Library of Finland.

During the term 2015–2017, the members of the editorial council are:

  • Hanna Arpiainen, production manager
  • Mika Hakkarainen, chief information specialist
  • Katri Nissilä, communications manager
  • Aija Vahtola, senior information specialist
  • Maria Virtanen, head of services

Publication information

The Kansalliskirjasto magazine
ISSN 1459-3467

PO Box 15 (Unioninkatu 36)

The magazine can be read online at and it is also published in the Arto database (Elektra agreement). TheKansalliskirjasto magazine issues are archived in the publication archive Doria (