Welcome to the National Library of Finland’s new website

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A large number of National Library employees participated in the website renewal: we wanted to create a website for our customers that would illustrate our library as it is renewed. Hopefully we have succeeded in this and you will find your way to our services.

You will find the news and information on events taking place at our library right on the homepage, while browsing the news and events archive of the Current section you can find information on past and future happenings. 

The Info section contains useful information about visiting or contacting the library, such as opening hours, guided tours and information on disabled access.

In the Using the library section, we provide information on the library services and their uses all the way from acquiring a library card to services provided for research and teaching.

Our collections are presented in the Collections section. Here you will also find links to material search services, such as Finna, and information related to the use and development of our collections. 

The Services section presents services provided for organisational customers; individual service descriptions have been grouped in service categories.

We will be putting the final touches on the website up to the inauguration.  After a short respite, we will keep on developing the website further; you can leave feedback, for example, through the Feedback widget visible in the right bottom corner of each page.

For further information about the renewal project, please contact

Helmi-Kanerva Tuori, project manager, the National Library of Finland
puh. 050 310 2725, helmi-kanerva.tuori@helsinki.fi

The technical supplier in the project was Wunderkraut Finland Oy.