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Use the search service to provide remote teaching and to search for information

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Caption: Bernhard Åström, 1921. Society of Swedish Literature in Finland. Licence to use original photo: CC BY 4.0. Photo edited.

Using Finna to search for information

The search service includes numerous images, maps, books and audio and video recordings available online that can also be used in remote teaching and learning. It is easy to add links to datasets or search results as part of learning assignments. Because the Finna material is made available by Finnish archives, libraries and museums, the material always includes clear source information. Pupils can also use Finna to search for information easily and securely. For Finnish-and Swedish-language instructions, video tutorials and ideas for assignments on searching for information, please see the Opeta tiedonhakua (‘Teaching information seeking skills’) page. Please also explore the search results for old teaching charts.

Use the datasets available in the Finna Luokkahuone service 

The Finna Luokkahuone (‘Classroom’) service is a treasure trove of information for basic and general upper secondary school teachers. It offers ready-to-use materials and ideas for learning assignments relating to, for example, history, social studies, visual arts, crafts, and Finnish language and literature. The content is freely available and you can tailor it to your own teaching needs. Please explore, for example, post-war advertising images (geared to secondary education), the National Museum of Finland’s prehistoric mystery objects (suitable for primary and general upper secondary education) and bear imagery used in our culture (ideas for artistic and practical subjects). Remember to click on the notes icon in the top right corner of the images for additional information.

Create your own lists of favourites and share them with your pupils 

You can use Finna’s favourites lists in creating learning material. First select interesting material for your favourites lists, add assignments in the notes section of the material and share a favourites list as a link with your pupils. You can also copy Finna Luokkahuone datasets to your favourites. For Finnish-language tips and a video tutorial for using favourites lists, please see the Vinkkejä opettajalle (‘Tips for teachers’) page.

Please read a Finnish-language article on how Finnish language and literature teacher Kati Suomela has used Finna in teaching history and information-seeking skills.

Further information

Taru Kuhalampi, planning officer, National Library of Finland, Finna Services
taru.kuhalampi (at) search service:
Finna Luokkahuone: