Thirteen applicants for the position of National Library director / national librarian

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The call for applications for the permanent position of National Library of Finland director/national librarian was open from 18 October to 28 November 2021. The position garnered a great deal of interest, and 13 people applied by the deadline.

Kansalliskirjaston Kupolisalin kupoli.

The call for applications emphasised management experience, excellent cooperation and negotiation skills, and language skills. In addition, to successfully complete the duties of the position, the appointee must have a strong vision regarding memory institutions as well as change and digitalisation projects, and a broad understanding of Finnish and European cultural heritage.

Progress of the recruitment process

The rector has established an appointment committee to carry out the recruitment of the National Library of Finland director. The appointment committee will review the applications submitted and, on this basis, invite selected applicants for an interview. The appointment committee is chaired by Vice-Rector Hanna Snellman. The other committee members are: Dean Johanna Mäkelä (UH), Associate Professor Mikko Tolonen (UH), Associate Professor Samu Niskanen (UH), Director of Library Services Katri Vänttinen (City of Helsinki), Head of Human Resources Sini Saarenheimo (UH) and, supporting the application process, HR Specialist Martina Westman (UH). 

The appointment committee convened on 2 December 2021. Taking into account the national and international importance of the position and the resulting interest in it, the appointment committee decided to publish the names of the applicants who had not objected to the publication of their names. The following people applied for the position:

Ahmajärvi, Jouni                                             
Gunjal, Bhojaraju                                              
Heikkilä, Jukka                         
Jauhiainen, Tommi                                           
Kaiponen, Pälvi                        
Malesa, Seabi                          
Miettunen, Miika                                              
Niemi-Grundström, Minna                              
Savolainen, Liisa                                               
Sivula, Oili                                 
Tuominen, Kimmo                                            
Özata, Kerem

The recruitment process will continue with applicant interviews in December 2021, followed by leadership assessments and follow-up interviews in January 2022. The recruitment will be completed in February or March, when the start date of the new director will also be known.

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