A survey on Finna search service draw over 33 000 answers - The winner of the Ipad is now raffled

Date published
Kyytinen Pekka, 1972, National Board of Antiquities - Musketti


The purpose of this survey was to collect feedback on Finna (the search services built on the Finna platform). It took about five to ten minutes to complete. The survey was organized by the National Library of Finland, the service provider of Finna.

Upon completion of the survey, you were able to take part in a drawing for an Apple iPad 32 Gt Wi-Fi . The lucky winner of the iPad is Johanna Köykkä.

Finna is a search service entity which currently contains the following types of sites:

  • Finna.fi (all of the public collections from participating partner organisations which are open to everyone)
  • Almost all university libraries in Finland and many public libraries which have their web libraries built on the Finna platform
  • Museum and archive interfaces created on Finna