A selection of customer feedback from 2022

Date published

Each year, the National Library of Finland collects customer feedback through regular surveys.

In 2022 customers praised the National Library for its friendly and professional service, awarding it an overall mark of 9.1 out of 10. Special praise was reserved for the beautiful library building, the Slavonic Library and the fairly recently introduced scheme in which customers can order material from the Repository Library directly through the search service.

Customer requests focused on the library facilities. Numerous respondents hoped that the café, closed at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, would be reopened. The library is exploring this possibility or, alternatively, the acquisition of a beverage vending machine.

Customers also requested a workspace where they can talk on the phone and attend remote meetings. The library responded to this request by converting the Aquarium room close to the café into a facility where talking is allowed.

Moreover, customer feedback has led to extended opening hours on Wednesday evenings.