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Search functions on improved – find more pictures and different bodies of texts easier

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The search functions of the Finna service have been improved. Finna brings together the materials of Finnish archives, libraries and museums. You will now get more search results when searching for digital pictures, and finding different bodies of texts has been made easier.

The new search functions are located on the left side of the search result page, under the Content Type drop down menu.

The content type ‘Image’ now includes all digital pictures.

The search is now able to automatically identify all digital pictures, no matter what their more detailed type is (e.g. place, physical object, other print), and return them as search results when the content type is set to image.

More visibility for different bodies of text

Short texts were previously found under the content type ‘Other’. A new category has been created for these (Text, other) which makes searching for all types of text material easier.

At this stage, the following types of content can be found under the ‘Text, other’ category:

  • texts
  • manuscripts
  • letters
  • research publications
  • research reports 
  • conference proceedings

Other types of text material might be added to this category later.

Larger bodies of text, such as books, magazines, articles and theses, will remain as separate categories.