Results of the service survey: The National Library is an important cooperation partner and service provider

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Every other year the National Library of Finland organises a survey among its organisational customers, asking them to evaluate the National Library services they use and give development suggestions. Based on the most recent survey conducted in October, the services produced by the National Library are perceived as important and were seen as providing cost savings to the organisations in question.

Yksityiskohta Kupolisalista.

Kyselyn tulosten perusteella Kansalliskirjasto on tärkeä yhteistyökumppani mm. yliopistokirjastoille.

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Marko Oja

The survey focused this year on customer organisations and was answered by 202 respondents, the majority of whom (69%) work in specialist duties. National Library services surveyed included FinELib, Finna, Finto, Finto AI/Annif, publication archive services, the Finnish National Bibliography, the Koha library system and Melinda

National services make sense and are important. Thank you! 

(Quote from the open answers to the survey.)

Based on the survey, National Library services continue to be considered important; the results remained at the same good level as in the 2020 survey. The respondents to the survey were reasonably satisfied with the robustness, usability and expertise of the services. It was felt that the services produced by the National Library provided organisations with cost savings while meeting the needs of the customer organisations.

Events and training sessions organised by the National Library were particularly praised, but at the same time more focus on practical applications was expected. 

The analysis of the survey results will continue by service, and based on the analysis, proposals on further measures will be made, which will be discussed, for example, in service steering groups in 2023.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who responded to the survey!

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