Research-based knowledge more easily accessible

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Not everyone can easily find reliable information online. The information is there, but it is fragmented, making it difficult to assess its reliability. Finnish research data are now accessible in a single location, featuring data sources, tips and ready-made packages of hot topics.

Open access now includes ‘a shortcut to research-based knowledge’, a page whose searches and logic serve both new data-seekers and those who already know where to look for information.

“The page was built after we realised that, while there is open research data, the availability of publications in different locations may make it difficult to access.  Our goal is to enable more and more users to use and access research-based knowledge,” says Ida Vanhainen, information specialist.

The research-based knowledge available on the page comes from universities, research organisations and the authorities. The page also gives access to more than a hundred Finnish scientific journals and yearbooks in the fields of social and human science and politics. They can be read directly online.

In addition to individual publications, the page includes research data on current themes such as Ukraine, indoor air and climate change. The page also features financial reviews of the Bank of Finland and the Finnish Government.

The amount of research-based knowledge will increase in Finna as new scientific actors add their materials to Finna, and the openness of science progresses.

A shortcut to research-based knowledge