Repair of internal windows at the Slavonic Library

Date published
The internal windows of the Slavonic Library will be draught-proofed, and the window frames will be sanded and painted. The repairs have already begun and are expected to be completed by midsummer 2019.

Picture: Marko Oja

The repairs will cause noise as well as odour and dust nuisance, and cold air will enter the facilities. The spreading of dust into the facilities will be prevented with plastic sheeting.

During the repairs, the Slavonic Library’s facilities will be partly and temporarily closed. The reading room will move to the first-floor Aquarium for the period from 11 to 28 February. Current on-site loans will be transferred and new on-site loans will be delivered there. We will provide further information on the impact of the repairs on facility use at a later date. The library collections will remain available throughout the repairs.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.