Renewed website for the National Library of Finland

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We have renewed and updated our website during the spring. We aim to provide the user with a website that is even more pleasant and easy to use to ensure a smooth visit on our website.   

Front page of the National Library website

New frontpage of the National Library's website.

The principle structure remains the same, but the layout has been redesigned. The most important objective was to ensure the technical functionality of the website and to increase its accessibility. We hope that the renewed website will provide better functionality and content for the users.   

The renewed website is even more usable and guiding; for example, searches are more clearly named. The services of the National Library of Finland can be found in the service search and the National Library of Finland’s unique collections in the collection search. 

The website presents the National Library’s services, collections, organisation, activities and communication channels in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. It provides up-to-date information in three languages and further guides the user to materials and services. 

After the launch, we continue to develop the website, and the goal is to make it more accessible and usable based on customer feedback. 

The reform has been implemented in cooperation between the library and Wunder Oy’s experts.  

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