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Recommendation for a minimum level of submitted ONIX-metadata

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The National Library of Finland has published a recommendation for a minimum level of ONIX-metadata for distributors/aggregators of online publications submitting metadata. The same descriptive metadata is used in different databases, which brings a need to create a common standard for metadata. Standard form of metadata imported into the Finna search service and the Melinda database makes it significantly easier to locate and identify publications.

The recommendation consists of a table in which necessary ONIX-fields are entered, and examples of metadata in XML-format to help using the table. The recommendation is available at the Legal deposit office website at

The complete Finnish ONIX application is available at the Finnish ONIX Centre at

Additional information:
Leading information specialist Aija Vahtola, The National Library, tel. 02941 40797, aija.vahtola(at)

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