Progress in research into Melinda’s platform change

Date published

Melinda’s new platform has not yet been decided. Further investigation is carried out to look deeper into the system that may eventually replace Aleph.

Lego-palikoita lasten käsissä.

The National Library of Finland is looking for a new system to replace Aleph, the integrated library system that has long functioned as a platform for the National Metadata Repository Melinda. The main focus of research is directed towards open source systems that support linked data. At the moment, we are extensively investigating Libris XL, a system developed by the National Library of Sweden, and possible collaboration options with it. We are especially interested in examining to what extent a system developed for one country could be adapted for more general use in order to be utilized by others. Further investigation aims at acquiring a deeper understanding of the technical solutions underlying Libris XL and their applicability for further development.

Melinda’s platform change is closely connected to the Linked Library Data project, which aims to develop a linked data model for bibliographic description. The project’s customer wiki, which was launched in September, contains the output of the project, as well as general information on linked data from a library perspective. The project was also presented to an international audience at the BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe conference in Budapest. A video and slides of the presentation can be viewed on the conference website.

This autumn Melinda celebrates its tenth anniversary. Join us in discussing current issues and future prospects on 29 and 30 November 2022. Registration for the anniversary events will open in early November and a separate notification will be published.

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