Print in City Service to Replace Unigrafia Cardboard Cards

Date published

The copying and printing service with the Unigrafia cardboard cards (so called Magna Card) is terminated in the end of 2018. Unigrafia's new Print in City service replaces cardboard printing cards. With Print in City service, you can print, copy, and scan. The creation of separate guest IDs is no longer available for printing.

You can read more about the service and register as a Print in City user on the service website.

The already purchased cardboard printing cards can be used for copying in the National Library until the end of June 2019. Please note that any unused copies on your card will not be reimbursed.

The printing service for university staff and students to remain unchanged

The cardboard printing cards in questions have been mainly used by visitors. The University of Helsinki staff and students can still print with their personal print card. Instructions for using personal print cards can be found on Helpdesk’s web site.