One million records in Fennica

Date published
Fennica, the National Bibliography of Finland, reached the impressive milestone of one million bibliographic records this summer.

MISSALE ABOENSE was a missal printed in Lübeck for use at the diocese of Turku, Finland. It is considered Finland’s first printed product and is also the only incunable of Finnish literature, i.e., a book printed before 1501.

Fennica is a catalogue of Finnish publications, beginning with Missale Aboense (1488), the first book printed for use in Finland, which have been deposited under the Legal Deposit Act (Act No 1433/2007 on collecting and preserving cultural materials).

Fennica currently contains records of

  • 830,000 printed books
  • 21,000 books available online
  • 53,000 maps
  • 69,000 printed newspapers and magazines
  • 4,000 electronic newspapers and magazines
  • 12,000 voice recordings
  • Information on the ephemera resources of the National Collection
  • Pre-publication data provided by publishers as well as information about books published abroad which have a Finnish author or concern Finland

At present, approximately 12,000 records of new printed books, 2,000 records of electronic books and 500 new newspaper and magazine titles are created each year.

Descriptive data on Finnish sound recordings and sheet music are included in Viola, the National Discography of Finland.

More information on the National Bibliography and the National Discography is available on the website of national bibliographic services (in Finnish).

Information in both catalogues can be searched using Finna or directly through their public interfaces.