Oldest part of the National Collection now available online

The National Library of Finland has digitized more works from the National Collection published during the period of Swedish rule in Finland, and made them available online. With support from the Amer Cultural Foundation and the National Library's Cultural Heritage Fund, more than 1600 works have now been made available.

The Swedish Era Literature collection represents the oldest part of the Finnish national literature. It encompasses approximately 17,400 publications in Finnish, printed in Finland, published by Finns or by important people residing in Finland, or printed abroad but concerning Finland. The oldest piece in the collection is the Missale Aboense (1488), whereas the most recent works are from the first year of Finnish autonomy, 1809, or, in the case of books from the Royal Academy of Turku, from the year of the Great Fire of Turku, 1827.

Supplementing previously digitised resources, the items now made available from the Swedish Era Literature collection include not only broadsheet ballads, but also the Academica subcollection as well as the subcollections of decrees, Ecclesiastical songbooks, biographical books, postils and devotional literature. Later in 2020 and 2021, the National Library will also make available the subcollections of religious song books, history and calendars.

The digitisation of the Swedish Era Literature collection will continue with support from the Amer Cultural Foundation until 2021. The digitisation of the collection has previously been financed with the National Library’s core funding, supplementary funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture, and support from the Ilkka and Ulla Paatero Foundation.

The Swedish Era Literature collection can be accessed in the digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi service: https://digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi/collections?id=381

Read more about the digitization of the Swedish Era Collection here (in Finnish): https://blogs.helsinki.fi/scriptaselecta/2020/02/26/pitka-marssi-kokoelmasta-verkkoon/

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