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This year, the National Library of Finland will be hosting art exhibitions and performances from five cultural partners. The National Library organised an open call for cultural partners from November to December, with the intention of integrating artists into its annual cultural activities. The open call received a great deal of interest among artists from various fields, and 30 applications were submitted. The selection process emphasised the relevance of the applicants’ proposed events to the collections of the National Library and its duty as a repository for cultural heritage.

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Cultural partners 2023: Arosa Ensemble, Sabrina and saarten tyttäret, Arja Valkonen-Goldblatt, Soivat kirjat.

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Jesse Pasanen, Suvi Sievilä, Marko Oja.

Cultural partners for 2023: Sabrina ja Saarten tyttäret: The band Sabrina ja Saarten tyttäret (‘Sabrina and the Daughters of the Isles’), founded by Sabrina Ljungberg in 2015, performs folk poetry from the time of the Kalevala with a modern twist. The story of the ensemble began with Ljungberg’s idea to invite her friends to sing music she had composed for the ancient poems of the Kanteletar. These first melodies gradually grew into the creative community that is the Saarten tyttäret. The band consists of professional musicians and experienced amateurs. Despite their focus on traditional poetry, Sabrina ja Saarten tyttäret is an artistically determined and creatively innovative group, not a traditional female choir. Sabrina ja Saarten tyttäret will give a concert at the Cupola Hall in April.

Teatteri Metamorfoosi: The tour of the most thrilling clown duo in Teatteri Metamorfoosi, Grace von Virtanen (Helena Leminen) and Ilmi (Ilkka Hartikainen) will make a stop at the National Library’s Cupola Hall. The duo marries supreme scholarship with innocent incomprehension in new and surprising ways that may appear bizarre or ridiculous. The audience will discover the charming personalities of the clowns and join their warm and direct interactive performance.

Arja Valkonen-Goldblatt: A long-term Turku-based artist who gave her debut exhibition in 1975, Valkonen-Goldblatt is also known for her artist’s books as part of the Biblioteko group. The artist’s book, created as an artistic medium in the 1960s, moves nimbly between image, sculpture and literature and draws from many significant artistic movements. Defying concepts and terms, the artist’s book has persistently avoided any attempts to confine it within strict boundaries. Valkonen-Goldblatt’s exhibition of artist’s books will open at the National Library next autumn.

Sounds from Books: In autumn 2023, the Sounds from Books concert series will return to its roots at the National Library after many years of absence. The performance, dubbed “Syksyn laulu” (‘Autumn song’), explores autumn and emotions associated with it through music and poetry. The concert will feature music by Leevi Madetoja, Toivo Kuula and Jean Sibelius, as well as pop music legend Juice Leskinen. Evergreens “Syyslaulu” and “Kuolleet lehdet” are included, as are classic tangos. Autumnal poems both melancholic and hopeful by Finnish poets such as Aleksis Kivi, Eino Leino, Saima Harmaja, J.L. Runeberg and many others will be recited in between the musical performances. Violinist Siljamari Heikinheimo has served as the artistic designer, along with Heidi Kuusava, pianist and producer.

Arosa Ensemble: Founded in 2009, Arosa Ensemble is dedicated exclusively to performing Edith Södergran’s modern early twentieth century poetry adapted into electronic art pop. In the music, the poetry entwines with an organic soundscape, created through acoustic and electronic instruments along with polyphonic vocals. Arosa Ensemble will perform at the National Library’s Cupola Hall in November.

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